TideSlide offers custom Extension Brackets
to extend the height of your pilings.
No Maintenance!
Does NOT need to line up with your cleats.

TideSlide offers custom Extension Brackets
for docks or seawalls without pilings.

TideSlide INCLUDES the finest fasteners,
to assure secure and safe attachment
to pilings, docks and seawalls.

Shown left are YS Series TideSlides
and 316SS Extension Brackets
with integrated Fender &
Square Piling Clamps.
This allows the vessel owner to tie
on one side with short pilings or
no pilings at all, as shown above.

Vessel owner wanted to utilize a beautiful,
near-by slip in Maryland
but could not tie up conventionally with
short pilings and only one stern
and two mid-ship piles.

TideSlide Systems provided the solution!

Using TideSlide Stainless Steel Extension
Brackets and YS Series TideSlides,
this three point tie-up is not only possible but
easy and more secure!

TideSlide 316SS Piling Extension Bracket with
Integrated Fender and TideSlide System
TideSlide Mooring Products can be easily integrated
on floating docks and concrete spans
with the use of a custom bracket as seen below.

Deck or Platform Mounted brackets
TideSlide Piling Extension Brackets

- extend your piling height 1-4 feet or more!

All 316 Stainless Steel Construction
for maximum durability and long life!

NO Maintenance

Insurer Recognized Hurricane Plan

TideSlide Concrete Square Clamp
brackets allow the installation of the
without drilling into the pile.

All 316 stainless steel construction,
Square Piling Clamps starting
at $420.00 per set of 2

Round Piling Clamps available too,
Round Piling Clamps starting
at $600.00 per set of 2